Voters need to know, especially all Democratic voters and younger, liberal NPP voters, about Derek’s personal story, his record of service to his country and community, his commitment to protect a woman’s right to choose and stand up to Donald Trump and MAGA extremists.


  • Derek Tran, the son of Vietnamese refugees, wants to make sure everyone has the opportunities his parents worked and sacrificed to provide him. Born and raised in Southern California, he grew up working long hours in his family's market. A decorated Army veteran, Derek is now a father of three, a city commissioner serving his community, and a workers' rights attorney, fighting to defend workers getting ripped off by corporations, survivors of sexual harassment and immigrants. Derek and his wife own a local pharmacy which helped his community during the pandemic by offering testing and affordable medications. Derek will fight to protect a woman’s right to choose and defend our democracy from MAGA extremists.


  • Derek will stand up for women and women’s rights in Congress. As the father of a young daughter, Derek is 100% pro-choice and will stand strong to protect funding for Planned Parenthood and access to critical women’s health services like birth control and cancer screenings.


  • Derek will stand up to Trump and his MAGA allies. With our democracy under threat from Donald Trump and his MAGA allies, Derek will defend our rights and values. He will fight back against extremists who want to cut Social Security and Medicare and take away a woman’s right to choose. And Derek will work to strengthen voting rights for every American and defend our free and fair elections from Trump and MAGA Republicans who want to overturn our democracy.